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by Tom McConnell


We have officially entered into a contract to rebuild our website and provide an online membership portal that will allow for simplified online payments, access to your member data, etc.
This is also a test to see if our URL is still working, it has been blocked by FB for years due to our sharing of youth sportsman holding guns, showing off their prize harvests, etc. It took a lot of work to get us unblocked, so let’s hope this link works to our website.
Since our youth team, The Penn Cambria Clay Target Team started shooting here in 2020, we have, as many others been sharing pictures of the Team as they have become the pride of the club and a great community resource for the youth in the Penn Cambria and surrounding school districts.
If you can, please click on the link to our web page, then respond if it worked or not. Also, please share this post so we can get a good sample of people clicking the link to be sure it’s working ok.
The existing website today is still the old one, once the new one is done we will announce it on here too.
Thanks in advance for your help and always supporting the club!