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I would like first take a minute to thank everyone who has supported the club over its many years of existence.

Many people have given alot to make this club a great place to be, and many of them didn’t have a lot to give.

The best single thing a club can can have is a great group of members, and we are surely thankful for the group we have.

Who We Are

The club grounds is located between Cresson and Loretto PA and is situated on approximately 88 acres, including an 8+ acre stocked fishing dam.

The club was founded in the 30’s, and built with a lot of sweat, hard work and determination to make a go of a club that might be around for generations.

Our club founders succeeded in their dreams, because today The Cresson Sportsmans Association is home of several statewide events and gatherings.

In 2006 the club started a Coyote Hunt with hopes that the hunt would help the club gain membership dues and activity to a slowly depleting club.

Since the hunts inception, we have been home to THE ONLY live webcam feed during the hunt proudly know today as ‘The FoxPro Coyote Cam’

We proudly hosted the Pa Predator Hunters Association for the 2010 Statewide predator hunters statewide meeting and calling competition.

Our great location centralized in the state, dedicated members capable of organizing statewide events, and our beautiful club grounds are a great asset.

We are sure to continue to be in the spotlight in the state with our constant effort at staying in the forefront of technology and dedication to the outdoors.

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We are very lucky to have such a great resource, and proud to be members, and always hoping to grow our membership both locally and in statewide events.

Thanks again to everyone for their continued support…  And we hope to see you around the club…