Please Read this Letter

Your membership status depends upon your actions

This is a web based reproduction of the mailer you received with some parts left out for security reasons ( username / password ) and some things added in or re-worded for ease of use ( screenshots and links )

The Cresson Sportsmans club has recently upgraded our membership records from an old paperwork based method to a new digital database, forums and member management system, and We need your help!

In order for this system to work you must help us update our records. If you do not respond to this letter or update your information on the new website, you risk having your info removed from the club database.

The mailer gave you your username and password information, so it will be assumed that you have them available to use for the rest of these instructions.

Our letter to you tells you to go to this website and look in the upper left hand corner of the screen and click on the ‘FORUMS’ link.

For your convenience, the image to the left is also click-able and will take you to the forums.

Once you get to the new Forums page, you will see ‘LOG IN’ in the upper right hand side.

Make sure you remember the explicit instructions about your username and password that you should have from the letter.

A screen shot of the forum Login link is shown below:

( Click to go to Login screen )

Once clicked, you will see the login screen.

Enter your username and password that you received in the letter here.

There is also a useful check box “Remember me on each visit” that when checked will allow your computer to save the username and password for future visits to the forums.

This provided as a convenience to you, so you don’t have to log in every time you go to the forums.

It is important that you only do this for your Personal computers and not for any public computers. This is for both your security and ours at Cressons Community Sportsman’s.

Once you are successfully logged in, locate the words ‘My Stuff’ in the top middle of the page.

Next to the words ‘My Stuff’ is a little drop down arrow, click it and select ‘Edit Profile’

An email is a must for this system to work, be sure yours is correct and update it when your email changes!

If your email reads, we used this one because you had none on file.
Do not have an email address? Ask a friend or family member to use theirs, this is how we will send you info.

Please use this time to update and check all of your information in the data base.

Click in the box and edit or enter the correct information and for your security, be sure to change your password now!

Once you make your changes, be sure to click “Submit” (bottom of the page) to save all changes made.

Being logged into the site allows you to post information in the forums, share pictures in the photo galleries, update your member information, and chat in the Coyote Den with others members of the club and site.

We appreciate your support and help as we continue to upgrade our club systems for our great members as being a member of a sport club is great for health and products like Cherry Runtz Strain can also help with this.

If you need help completing this task, be sure to call the club (814) 886-7727 and leave us your name, telephone number, and the 8 digits on the last line of your mailing label and we will call you to help.