Coyote Hunt 2018

Sunday Feb 11, 2018

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For Coyote

Lots of winners JUST FOR ENTERING!!!!!

February 9, 10, 11 2018(Must be entered by midnight Feb 8th, 2018)
Hunt Starts at 12:01am Feb 9th – Ends 6:00pm Feb 11th, 2018


Free Coyote seminar January 27 2018

Seminar starts at 4:00 PM at The Cresson Sportsmans Association clubhouse.

Special guest speaker Kyle Van Why. Kyle is a USDA biologist he will discuss the findings of diseases found in the Coyote in our reigon, and will be there to answer any questions we may have about habitat food sources and what not.

Also back by popular demand Pro staffer Doug Myers, He will discuss hunting tactics, calling, habitat, and behavior of the eastern coyote. Doug has had great success hunting the eastern coyote.

We will be giving away some door prizes at the seminar. Food and drinks will be available for purchase.

Entry and Prize Structure

($20/New Club Member- $15 / Renew Club Member- $7.50 / Junior ages 12-20)
FOX Hunters Must Pay Coyote Hunt Fees and $10.00 Entry Fee towards FOX Prizes
Cresson Sportsmans Association Will Retain ($2) From Each Coyote and Fox Entry

Printable 2018 Coyote Hunt Flyer and Entry Form


Our Prize Structure for 2018!
  LOTS OF WINNERS ! For just entering…

Coyote Contest Payouts – 1st $1000 – 2nd $750 – 3rd $500
– Smallest Male – $250 – Smallest Female – $250
3 Lucky Dogs – $250/each – Random Drawing for any coyote turned in
6 Ghost Dogs – $100/each – Random Drawing for any unsuccessful registered coyote hunter
2 Show Dogs – $100/each – Random drawing of any coyote hunter present at time of drawings
Friday – 2 random drawings $250 & $100 – Winners will be chosen from dogs turned in on Friday
Saturday – 2 random drawings $250 & $100 – Winners will be chosen from dogs turned in on Saturday
Once Number of Hunters Exceed 625 Prizes will Continue To Be Added


· All registrations must be completed prior to the start of the coyote / fox hunt. Registrations can be made and paid for online or in person at the clubhouse until 11:59 PM February 8th, 2018, or by regular mail, mailed entries must be post marked by February 6th 2018. The Hunt starts 12:01 AM Friday, February 8th and will end 6:00 PM Sunday, February 11th, 2018. Registration fee is $10.00 ($8.00 toward cash prizes, $2.00 for administration costs to the club)
·If you wish to join the FOX hunt, an additional $10.00 fee ($8.00 toward cash prizes, $2.00 for administration costs to the club) which will go into a PRIZE POOL for the top four heaviest FOXES IN EACH (RED and GREY) CATEGORY determined by weight. No FARM RAISED FOXES will be accepted, and will automatically disqualify hunter and entire hunting party. Prize money collected will be split for each category RED&GREY, 40% 1st, 30% 2nd, 20% 3rd and 10% for 4th.
· Each participant must be registered for this hunt. When hunting in groups, each member of the group must be registered. Houndsmen see below.
· Each participant must be a current 2018 member of the Cresson Sportsman’s Association. Membership applications may be made at the same time as the coyote hunt registration. Successful hunters must present a complete and intact carcass, drivers and hunting / furtakers licenses during weigh-ins.
· Houndsmen must register a minimum of 5 hunters for their hunting party, members must write on their application the name of the hunt leader(s) / houndsmen.
· The Hunt is open to hunting for the entire state of PA. Coyotes and FOX must be killed during the days and times of this hunt, and The Cresson Sportsman’s Association reserves the right to inspect the site of harvest. The Cresson Sportsman’s Club reserves the right to have an autopsy performed on any animal presented at the hunt. A veterinarian and USDA wildlife biologist will be available during weigh in times to inspect all carcass’s especially those suspected of being ‘unnatural’ in any way. The biologist will be removing parts from the carcass for study purposes, ALL coyotes subject to this.
· All PA Game Laws are in effect during this hunt. Violation of PA game laws or Cresson Sportsmans rules will result in disqualification for that person and / or group of persons involved in the infractions. Each hunter is responsible for the proper disposal of his/her coyote or fox carcass. No carcass is to be left on Club Property unless hunters are requested to do so by an official from The Cresson Sportsmans Club.
· The deadline for weigh-ins is 6PM on Sunday, February 11th. (4PM for Fox entries) Prizes will be announced upon completion of weigh in. Prize checks will be mailed after validations.
· Official weigh-ins will be done at the clubhouse from 2:00PM – 9:00PM, Friday February 9th and Saturday February 10th and Sunday, February 11th from 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM. The carcasses will be marked as to prevent reentries. A limit of 2 coyote and max of 2 fox of each color allowed by each hunter.
· Prize money shall be awarded based on weight: There is a guaranteed prize pool of $5000.00. In the event of non-awarded prize money, the money shall be awarded by drawing. Details of the drawing will be decided on by the Cresson Sportsman’s Association Coyote Committee. Gun to be chanced off on Feb 11th at Hunt Closing.
· In the event of a tie, the prize money for the tied entries will be combined and then split between the tied entries.

For more information contact: (814) 886-7727 –or– email

Mail Registration Form(s) & Payment to: 2018 Coyote & Fox Hunt, PO Box 174, Cresson, Pa, 16630

Rules subject to change.