2017 Coyote hunt results

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Cresson Sportsman’s Club Coyote and Fox Hunt:

2017 Hunt Results

Coyote Results

1st place – Gary Pizzuto 48.5
2nd place – Robert Brown 45.7
3rd place – Edward Little 45.5

Gray Fox Results

1st place – Kevin Shock
2nd place – William Rupert
3rd place – William Rupert
4th place – Lee Brehm JR

Red Fox Results

1st place – Eugene Latshaw
2nd place – Donald Meckley
3rd place – Larry Bennett
4th place – Thomas Dunchak II

Smallest Male

Dustin McGovern

Smallest Female

Michael Kockner jr

Friday winners

Friday 250.00 winner Ronald Board
Friday 100.00 Gary Couteret

Saturday 1st

Saturday 250.00 Dave Neff
Saturday 100.00 Kenneth Spackt


No fox on Friday

Saturday fox 150.00 John Skebeck

Saturday 75.00 Shane Hull

Lucky Dog

1.Ronald Minor
2.William Lindsey
3.Jonathan Boone

Show Dog

1.Scott Bumbarger
2.Martin Bumbarger

Ghost dog

1.Scott Bradley
2.John Gould
3.Nicholas Tremmel
4.Dale Pushey
5.Alvin Anthony
6.Joseph C. Anthony