2016 Coyote and Fox Hunt Results

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Cresson Sportsman’s Club Coyote and Fox Hunt:

2016 Hunt Results

Coyote Results

1st place – Aaron Heck

2nd place – Bradley Biter

3rd place tie – George Jones

3rd place tie – James Kaufman

Gray Fox Results

1st place – Scott McCoy

2nd place – Robert Houck Jr.

3rd place – William Rupert

4th place tie – William Rupert

4th place tie – Gary Couteret

Red Fox Results

1st place – Kevin Shaub

2nd place – Larry Bennett

3rd place – Joe Booker

4th place – Matthew Smith

Smallest Male

Jeremy Kurtz

Smallest Female

Charles Engleman

Friday 1st                                   Friday 2nd

Gary Couteret                              Jim McBride

Saturday 1st                              Saturday 2nd

Bryce McVicker                           Moved to #7 Ghost dog

Lucky Dog

  1. Justin Smarsh, 2.  Ronald Minor, 3.  Ed Little

Show Dog

  1. Matt Anders, 2.  Brian Wertel

Ghost dog

  1. Robert Brown, 2.  Travis Glass, 3.  Thomas Dunchak , 4.  Jim Aglsey Jr., 5.  Peter Cauprey, 6.  Bill Reese, 7.  Jeff Bowl