Upcoming Events: Coyote Lecture, Coyote Hunt, Turkey Shoots and Hoagie Sales

Actively participate in the Direction and Growth of your club!!

February brought a  record participation in the Coyote/Fox hunt and the winners are posted on the site.  March bridges to a new year of spring activities at the Cresson Sportsmans club.  Turkey Shoots are every Sunday at 1PM and continue every Sunday afternoon until Spring. Lent brings Friday fish dinners at the clubhouse from 4 to 7 PM.  Dinners are popular and often run out by 6PM.  Orders for pickup can be called into the clubhouse.  Saturday April 1 brings the club Crow Hunt.  You can apply on line or at Millers in Cresson.  Winning submissions by cressonsportsmans e-mail will need to include a code ( It’s a great year to hunt crows applied to a picture that will be found on this website after the start of the hunt.  Saturday, May 20th brings the kids fishing rodeo, which begins at 8AM at the club fishing pond.  The next day brings the Adult Fishing Tourney with prize awards.  Details and entry forms can also be found at Miller’s Hunting and Fishing store in Cresson.  2017 Club dues are to be paid.  Dues not paid by March 31 will result in members lapse of membership for the year 2017 and club membership costs will be treated as if the individual was a new incoming member.

Hoagie sales are a critical activity for raising operating expense funds. Please participate by either helping prepare, purchase or sell hoagies. The last hoagie sale is March 18. Hoagies are 18 inch long Italian Subs as shown in the picture and cost $9.00. Orders should be placed at least 5 days before the sale date by calling 1-814-886-5060. Hoagies can be picked up after 9AM on the sales date at Miller’s Hunting and Fishing store in Cresson. Help preparing the hoagies is desired at the clubhouse on Friday evening, before sales at 6PM, and the Saturday morning of sales at 6AM.

Remember, dues for 2017 are due by the end of March, 2017.  Dues received after March are considered late and members will be charged an administration fee as if they are new applicants.