Upcoming Events: Kids Fish Rodeo, Super Bowl of Trout Fishing and Hunter Trapper Safety Education

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The fishing pond will be closed for members and the general public starting at noon, May 17th and continuing until sunrise May 22nd for Cresson Sportsman’s members or those 15 and under and until sunrise June 1st for non-members 16 and over.  Memberships will be checked.  May 20th brings the kids rodeo where those 15 and under will have the lake to themselves to fish from 8AM to 11AM.  The lake will then be closed again to all in preparation for the Superbowl of Trout Fishing taking place at the Cresson Sportsman’s Dam from 7AM until 2PM.  The event features four quarters, 90 minutes each.  Lunker prizes will be awarded each quarter.  There will also be a half time give away.  Participants must posess a current PA fish license with a trout stamp.  Registration begins at 7:00AM or pre-register at Millers Hunting and Fishing in Cresson (886-5060).  Fishing registration is $20.00 for Club Members, $25.00 for Non-Club Members, $5.00 for opting into Lunker Prizes and $5.00 late fee for registering the day of the event.  There are money prizes for tagged fish.

Black powder competition begins again in June.  On June 25, Cresson Sportsman hosts a Hunter Trapper safety education course run by the PA Game Commission.  Register on the PA Game Commission Website.

Remember, dues for 2017 were due by the end of March, 2017.  Dues received after March are considered late and members will be charged an administration fee as if they are new applicants.